Office Desk

 Our Process 


No matter the scale of the project, every design begins with a face to face consultation with our lead designer.  This is your opportunity to tell us, The Dream!  If the world were your oyster, what would you include, and why?  The why is so important; we cannot stress how important!  If we can understand your why, chances are, even if we can't give you your wish list, we may be able to give you an alternative.  So don't be shy, this is your conceptual design!


After discussing your needs, we will put together a quote for the actual design/drawings of your build, as well as the cost of any applications you may need.  At this time, we can also advise on possible structural engineering costs, as well as approximate building costs, should you wish.


Once you've accepted our quote, we can begin breathing life to your dreams.  Our lead designer will visit again and complete a detailed survey, including all necessary measurements of your site.  This can take up to 3 hours, sometimes more depending on the scale of your project, so please make sure you've got the time, and a strong cup of tea would not go amiss!  From your survey and your conceptual design, detailed drawings will then be produced for your approval.


Upon receipt of your application fee, QN Design Architectural Services will then submit your drawings for planning permission.  If there are any issues, the planning officer will usually liaise with us after a couple of weeks, otherwise expect approval after 8 long weeks!  So take this time to decide where the furniture will go, what colour you want on the walls, how many bricks cover the entire back of your house...?  Once approval has been granted, we get started on building control and wait for that approval to follow suit.  And then? And then you select a builder, of which we have several preferred contractors, and let your dream come to fruition.