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With extensive experience designing schools, medical centres, retail shops, care homes and housing developments, QN Design Architectural Services has expert knowledge in value engineering, compliance with council regulations, efficient functionality, all the while creating a building that is still aesthetically pleasing.  Designing commercial units is far more than just the space it occupies, but also the landscape, parking, traffic flow and the impact it has on the environment.

QN Design Architectural Services can help your project take shape in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner with your needs and vision at its heart.


You've watched every episode of Grand Designs and you've just bought or inherited some land.  Or perhaps you want to turn your hand to property development.  How do you decide where to begin?  While designing your own project from scratch is exciting, it can also be quite daunting with the milliard of options available.  From the shape of the house, to the layout and number of rooms, to the material used, what was once exciting can quickly turn frustrating without the right team to guide your decisions.

QN Design Architectural Servies has designed many new builds, including those for smaller property developers.  Be it functional, smart and cost effective rentals, or what is to be your dream family home to pass down to your children, we can help marry your needs and your personality into one harmonious, beautiful, sanctuary.