Modern Bathroom

Interior Redesign

What does it mean to redesign or reconfigure the internal footprint of your home?  What it doesn’t mean, is buying a new kitchen, or a new bathroom, or installing fitted wardrobes.

Imagine all the external walls of your home were to stay exactly as they were, but the entire first floor, or second floor, or all floors for that matter, didn’t exist and you could plan it exactly as you wanted, how would you redesign it?  A bigger kitchen? Less hallways for more living space?  Or perhaps the flow from one room to another just doesn’t make sense.


Imagine you have rooms in your home that are dead-space.  For example, the garage or the loft, accumulating things that we have probably forgotten even exist.  Could you think of another purpose for it?  A bedroom with ensuite? A man-cave? Or maybe even your own spa with fully fitted steam room, sauna and shower? 


THAT is redesigning your interior layout.


Now consider your why.  Do you need more liveable space?  Do you need more bedrooms?  Perhaps an extension won’t get planning permission, or you don’t have enough garden to do it.  Whatever the reason, redesigning your internal footprint may be a more viable option.

Here at QN Design we inspire large, bright, open living spaces alongside functionality so you can better enjoy your family and your home. Tell us your why, and what is a must, and together, let us inspire a design for better living.